What to Expect at a Family Session

Friends. You've seen it. You've been scrolling through social, minding your own business, and then see your friend's family perfectly styled in a family photo session, all laughing and giggling with each other. The sun is highlighting only their best features. Even the two-year-old is smiling and you've never seen that actually happen IRL. After a myriad of thoughts, something pops in your mind:

"Could that be my family? Should we book a family session?"

First off, let us crack the myth wide open: family sessions don't go down as you see on social. There are plenty of temper tantrums, refusals to smile, and bribes - and that's just for dad! 😉 What your seeing is the very best of the session. This is after we have been able to get to know the family a little bit and are messing around with some fun and games. One of our favorites is the "tickle-attack:" fun for the kids, terrifying for the parents. 😳😂

What to expect: Try to show up a couple of minutes early to the session. This will allow you time to scope the spot out, and do any last-minute fixes to collars and hair. Take some deep breaths and get ready to embrace the chaos. Remember that you all won't be perfectly posed and smiling in the first shot. The more you're laughing and going along with it, the easier it will be for us. Sometimes we have a perfect shot except the parent's mouth is open telling everyone to smile. Don't worry - we got this! 😊

What to wear:

Anything you dang please! Haha. This is one of our most FAQs as the struggle of coordinating outfits can be real, which I totally get. I struggle with dressing myself most days! If this is a styled shoot, like for the holidays, we try to reach out and let you know what our set looks like so the look feels cohesive. We try to keep things neutral to make sure the most important thing stands out: you! We have also created this pinterest board for some inspo colors on what to wear. Try picking a few colors that work well together, like mustard, navy and maroon. Then pick outfits that have one or more of those colors. This will help you find outfits that work well on each person and together you all look dynamite. But I will say this: wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in. This is to show what you and your family are like. Feel free to wear bold mismatched colors if that's what makes you smile because honestly, that's what we're looking for! :)

What if the weather is terrible? I really hope it isn't BUT we can always reschedule! I will say though that cloudy, non-raining weather is some of the best weather to shoot in. The light is nice and soft and you won't have to squint from the blinding sun. So I say bring on the moody Rochester weather! We will determine 2 days before and offer alternate dates if we need to reschedule!

We did our session - now what? Celebrate! We try our best to edit quickly and possibly get some sneak peek photos posted on social, but this will not happen for all. Our main priority is getting the online gallery to you of your session. You can then download and share from there! It would mean a TON if you tagged our business when you post!

How often should I get pictures?

I know the thought is: there are no new little ones and things haven't changed much, do we really need more pictures? I totally get this. It can feel like one more thing to add to your already insane schedules, but this is the only thing that will literally freeze time so that when you're old and gray you have something to look back on to remember those crazy times. But definitely mix it up! Maybe one year you have it at a park, another year you include grandma and grandpa, and one you have in your home while you're all making cookies (it's called a lifestyle session, and it's absolutely adorable). The more your family knows and trusts your family photographer, the smoother each session will be. So have fun with it!

Ok friends, I think that is all! Again please reach out if I didn't address something or if you have any questions. Let's work together on making this a fun time for everyone - because that truly shines through in the pictures! As cheesy as it sounds, a happy client makes an ecstatic photographer! Let's make the magic happen!



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