Top 6 Places for Engagement Photos in Rochester

Are you engaged and in Rochester, NY area and would love to find some cool spaces to have engagement photos but don't know where to start? Look no further! Here are some of our favorite spots to shoot. We are all about exploring lesser-known areas to ensure the shoot is completely Crafted Around You! Let this jump-start some ideas to find the exact space you're looking for.

1. Charlotte Beach

1 Beach Ave, Rochester, NY 14612

With ice cream, the pier, and harbor within the same block, Charlotte Beach is a great spot to spend a summer evening - regardless of whether you're taking photos or not!

2. Sunken Garden

5 Castle Park, Rochester, NY 14620

There is something magical about the Sunken Gardens in Rochester. With a plethora of nature with exposed stone and it's proximity to Hyland Park, this is spot is the perfect place no matter what time of year!

3. Graffiti Spots

All over Rochester, NY

It's no secret Rochester has plenty of talented artists that you can benefit from. Map out some of the spaces that speak to you and let the adventure begin!

4. Corbett's Glen Nature Park

Glen Rd, Brighton, NY 14610

This place has to be one of Rochester's best-kept secrets. Nestled into a housing tract, this gorgeous location is a gorgeous location in Brighton, NY offers it all when it comes to nature: waterfalls, fields, trees, and trails. With that being said, make sure you head to Corbett's Glen Tunnel and not the park entrance because otherwise, you're looking at a good mile hike to this gorgeous location.

5. Your Favorite Coffee Spot

All over Rochester, NY

Weather not cooperating? Looking to tell a bit more about your story? How about you and your fiance's favorite coffee spot! It is best to have you or your photographer call ahead to make sure it's ok to stop by and take photos.

Some of our favorite coffee shops are:

Starry Nights Cafe, Rochester, NY

Java's Cafe, Rochester, NY

Java Junction Coffee Roasters & Bakery, Brockport, NY

6. Downtown Brockport, NY

Main Street, Brockport, NY 14420

Looking for that charming downtown feel? With historic brick buildings, the canal, coffee shops and boutiques all in a half-mile radius of each other, downtown Brockport, NY is hands down one of our favorite places to shoot.

It's most important to find a place that you feel comfortable in and helps tell your story. Feel free to reach out as we have plenty more ideas and would love to find the best spot that fits you! Already have a favorite spot? Let us know, we would LOVE to hear them!

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