Top 5 Things Brides Forget on their Wedding Day

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Eliza Pionessa

The day is finally here, how exciting! Oh wait...did anyone bring the dress?!?!

Well hopefully you didn't forget something that important although most brides forget something on their special day. So your probably wondering what are the most common?

1. Eat something

This may seem obvious but most brides are nervous and decide to skip breakfast and lunch. No one likes a hangry bride...especially the groom :) That being said your bridesmaids are probably hungry too! A simple sub tray (Wegmans is our favorite!) will be the perfect and no stress snack for your bridal suite. Speaking of bridal suite...this is something you should ask to see in the planning process. It may seem minor but tripping over toys in the church nursery can quickly become frustrating and who wants Thomas the Train in the getting ready photos?

2. Designate a person to bustle the dress

Some dresses have two easy clips and others are like a corset from the 1840s. Either way you should assign one person such as a bridesmaid to take this responsibility. But just in case you forget, it helps to have a wedding photographer who doubles as an event-planner (Yes, I'm raising my hand for this one). I love making sure the dress is bustled perfectly and that means we can take better photos without having to get someone else to keep re-bustling the dress.

3. Bridal Kit

With a little planning before your big day you can be prepared for anything that comes your way. Putting together a bridal kit with all the essentials such as headache medicine, hairspray, double sided tape, safety pins, band-aids, tide to go, bobby pins, mints, and whatever else you can think of will help things to run smoothly.

4. Dancing shoes

We are seeing more and more brides going for a comfortable pair of shoes. You have to remember that it's a very long day even if you have your MOST COMFORTABLE HEELS on we suggest bringing a pair of flats (or sparkly sneaks!). You want to be able to dance the night away to your favorite song without the pain the next day!

5. Love letters

We always have to remind brides that the most important part of your day is the love you have for that special person. That moment you walk down the aisle and see your hubby everything changes. But let's take a minute to back up...your nerves are spinning and you haven't seen your finance in what seems like a lifetime. You then remember you wrote each other a letter for this very moment. "I know your heart is racing, mine is too...but just know how much I love you babe!"

Wow. You needed that. It's the perfect moment and now your ready to get this marriage underway!

Now we know there can be a lot to think of during the day of, and you may just want to be able to kick back and soak in every moment. That's why we offer Day of Coordination as one of our Planning Packages. Our day of coordination package provides full hands on assistance, day of. From set-up to take down Eliza will make your special moments seamless and most importantly Crafted Around You! Feel free to reach out and see how we can make that day of stress melt away!

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