The Creative Side of Cathy Craft

Hi! 👋 I'm Cathy Craft, or should I say Cathy 'Crafty' as all my friends like to call me. As cliche as it may sound, I have always loved getting creative no matter what the medium is. From a young age, I have always loved photography (i.e. shooting my first wedding at 16 and being TERRIFIED) and knew from then on that I wanted to pursue 'creating' as my passion. I attended SUNY Brockport for a degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Graphic Design. During college, I took a myriad of classes, from Gallery Management, Book Binding, and Design. As you can see, weddings were already a passion of mine as I created a full wedding timeline for one of my Graphic Design assignments!

Art serves so many purposes in my life. When I travel, I love to paint the landscapes around me to commemorate each adventure (and even pass the time on the flight by painting my boarding pass, haha). Art also serves as a form of therapy to me. As I work through something, I love to be able to sketch or paint as it immediately puts my mind at ease.

Pursuing a career in art has had its ups and downs. While starting out in college, there were several concerned friends and family members on how I was actually going to make money with my career choice. But knowing you're on the right path has always been the assurance I needed. But even editing and shooting a full documentary later, being a full-time Multimedia Specialist, Marketing Coordinator, and now business owner, I have still met some obstacles. Once a while back while talking to a family, a dad (not knowing my background) mentioned that he was fine with whatever degree his daughter pursued as long as it was not Studio Art. He then asked me what degree I pursued. (You just HAVE to laugh at life's moments like these, right?!) I then was able to talk to him and the daughter about the fulfilling and unique career path I was able to find with this degree.

All this to say, a whole lot of passion and love goes into each creative element for your wedding day. Whether it is invitation design, a styled photoshoot, or a creative sweetheart table design, this is truly my passion coming to life. The more creative elements I can include, whether it is hand-painted florals scanned into your invitation design or hand-lettered elements, the better. One of our first Instragram posts states "Your passions are our passions, your story is our business plan." One global pandemic later, not much has changed. If anything, it has made us more passionate and thankful for each magical moment we get to create.

So! Let's get this party started! Head on over to our design page or reach out to see how we can make the creative elements of your day come to life!

All my best,


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