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We know COVID-19 has hit you hard. We feel for you as you've inevitably been impacted by circumstances beyond your control that certainly weren't in the picture as you dreamt about your special day. As you rush to pull things together, you inevitably have a friend or family member checking in with you about your date and what's going on. All you want to say is "Not right now, aunt Brenda!"

In order to help alleviate a little stress, I've created some simple designs that you can share on social or otherwise to communicate with your guests. You may want to put a general note out there that although you don't have all the details worked out yet, you appreciate all your guests for being patient, and more communication is to come:

Perhaps you were able to set a new date. Instead of sending out yet another set of Save the Dates, you could simply send this to your guests:

A helpful communication tool that you could use during this time is a wedding website to include all your wedding updates. I highly recommend putting this on any print materials you are sending out. You could also set up a Facebook event with all your guests or if not all your friends are on Facebook, check out Paperless Post. By creating a paperless invitation, you can easy to quickly give updates and track RSVP's.

We know that this time can be so difficult, and we're here to help. That is why we are providing this resource for free. If you would like a tailored communication plan, don't hesitate to reach out!


Download the Free Wedding Reschedule Resource



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