Are Wedding Favors a Thing of the Past?

So we’ve all been to that wedding that we left with something we are never going to use. Not only are your guests confused, but you just wasted your time and money. Don’t want to experience favor failure? Use a few of our tips and tricks to have awesome wedding favors your guests will be raving about.

First, you’ll need to start by knowing your guests. You’re probably thinking how does this have to do with favors... well if half your family is allergic to scents maybe a candle isn’t the best option. Now you won’t be able to make everyone happy but majority rules.

One of my favorites is COFFEE. I’m not saying hand me a coffee cup on the way out (although I wouldn’t mind that either) but how about ground coffee? It’s is extremely useful and chances are someone in their house will use it.

One of our all-time favorite ideas is a new trending favor: the late-night snack box. It’s something simple but genius. We’ve all been driving home from a wedding thinking "Well now I’m hungry but it’s too late to each a full meal... hmmm maybe cereal? Oh wait, I’ve got a coke and a bag of chips from the wedding!" Nailed it! Speaking of snacks, popcorn or french fries aren't a bad idea either. 😊

Recently I (Eliza) attended a winter wedding and walked away with a cozy blanket. Not only was it super cute, but I’m also definitely going to be cuddling up in it to watch all the Hallmark movies. (Where are all my Hallmark fans? ✋) Now unlike a Hallmark movie with a predictable ending, what if you skipped the favor all together?

Sounds crazy? It's actually more common than you think. By saving money on favors you could add a timeless piece to your ceremony like a custom-made arbor, vintage furniture, and unique repurposed treasures from our friend Dawn at Something Borrowed Rentals.

We have so many more favor ideas to share with you. Email Eliza at to get more info on planning your perfect day today!

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