Adorable Way to Ask your Bestie to be your Bridesmaid

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

You've done the hard part. You know exactly who you want in your wedding party to help and celebrate with you on your big day. You know this is a big ask, so how exactly do you go about asking them? We have a cute (and tasty!) way to pop the question: "Will You be my Bridesmaid?"

We worked collaboratively with Kelly with KC Cookie Co. on coming up with this tasty treat and guys, Kelly totally knocked it out of the park! As your friend opens it she can place her response cookie (fingers crossed she says yes!) and it is then ready to become Instagram official.

When we met with Kelly she joked, "you know, my cookies don't just look good, they TASTE good too!" And honestly, she wasn't joking. Cathy had to try one after photographing these and they were absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, during our Bridal Brief Instagram Live Event, Eliza discovered Cathy had already dug in as she tried to show off Kelly's great work. Oops!

But seriously consider reaching out to Kelly for all your cookie needs. She is located in Spencerport, NY. We are SO happy that we were able to meet her for a Christmas Mini Session back in November!

Here's to you and your wedding planning process! If you have any questions or would like any wedding planning tips, reach out to Eliza or visit our Event Planning page.


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