5 Ways to Nail a Proposal (& Get Pictures!)

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

So you know you're ready. You've fallen for the person you know you're meant to spend your forever with. The ring is secured, but now what? You want to have a moment that she'll be able to retell at work parties, share on social, and even share with your grandkids. No pressure right?

The good news is that the hardest part is over. You've found the one you're meant to be with. And that's awesome! So take a deep breath. With a game plan and a few tips you'll be sure to nail (don't forget about the nails!) your proposal.

1. Assess what they would like

Flash mob. Top of a mountain. Coffee date with the ring in her favorite muffin. There are thousands of ways to propose, so which way is best? We suggest assessing what your significant other likes and dislikes. Do they hate having their birthday announced at a restaurant? Then chances are they would dislike a proposal in a very public place. Also think about the things that signify your relationship: special dates, inside jokes, or hobbies you both enjoy. The more tailored the proposal the more happy tears. And we love some happy tears shots.

2. Incorporate a photographer

This brings us to our next tip: make sure to get photos! This is a moment you will both want to cherish forever so you want to make sure it is captured and it is captured well. Meet with your photographer (we know two really great ones 😉) and come up with a rockstar plan. We loved a recent proposal where we met with Mike and determined instead of hiding and shooting the proposal from afar, we would be incorporated by taking "family photos." Mike then made a sign that we handed to Jess mid-shoot and he got on one knee. Not only was the moment captured, but their family was also right there to celebrate the moment!

3. Form alliances with the BFFs

Keeping coordination of the big event on the down-low can be the hardest part. That's where her friends come in. Getting their help and support from the get-go can be crucial. They can take your significant other out to get her nails done as you set up the proposal space. They can coordinate with the photographer so texts aren't popping up on your phone. And once the big moment hits, the more people she finds out are "in on it" the more special it becomes.

4. Keep the surprise

You may think well duh, keep it a surprise. But this is way harder than you think. You have to have a reason you want her to dress nicely for Christmas morning for a special present under the tree. The more out of the ordinary the event is, the bigger the excuse needs to be. Incorporate friends and family for this as they can be the scapegoat, and she won't think anything of it. "We need to dress nice because my mom wants a nice family photo by the tree" is an easy way to get everyone looking nice and make it normal for cameras to be out.

5. Write out how you feel

So you've made it. Everything is set and you're about to go down on one knee. At this point, your heart is pounding out of your chest and your mind goes blank. We recommend taking the time to write out a few sentences for what you'd like to say at this moment. It doesn't have to be a long-winded speech or something out of a rom-com. Just something personal to the two of you and the reason why you're going to say the most earth-shattering 4 words: "Will you marry me?"

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