Meet the Team

Eliza and Cathy are a dynamic duo bringing professional wedding services that are truly Crafted Around You. They believe that each couple truly has a unique story that needs to be told. Whether this is shown through the invitations, event setup, or photos, that is up to you.

Speaking of stories, here is theirs:


Meet: Cathy


Cathy has been in the wedding biz as a wedding photographer and designer for 10 years. She has a degree from The College at Brockport in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Graphic Design. Through her work in the corporate world and private clients, she has served hundreds of clients and has extensive experience in crafting a look that is truly client inspired. She is motivated by authentic storytelling, female entrepreneurs, and snuggles from her rescue hound, Wilma.


Meet: Eliza


Eliza has an amazing eye for detail and loves to stay busy, so she began planning events, doing photography, and making people's special moments come to life. Eliza fell in love with photography during her countless weeks traveling through Ireland and capturing the incredible scenery. Later she combined her love for people with photography and the business took off. Eliza got her Masters and Bachelors at The College at Brockport and has planned a number of large events of all different sizes for the College and others. Eliza is motivated by her faith, family, and travel.

So how did this come together?

Extremely naturally actually. Cathy and Eliza used to work together at the same company and they decided to shoot some weddings together that they individually had booked. As they were able to seamlessly work together the joke became "ok when are we gonna start a business together?" This was then followed by one of our brides texting Cathy the day after her wedding day:


Cathy sent this to Eliza and joked, "First testimonial?"
Well, jokes became ideas, ideas became plans, and here we are today. 

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You're why we're here. You're why we're doing this.